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We returned from the holiday, but the microbe is still in our blood. We’ve been to Italy, in the south, on the coast, and then in Rome for a few days. The beautiful Rome! With its lush vegetation, with the unexpected mixture between the silencing architecture encountered everywhere and the bohemian spirit, with its artistic vibration and scented streets. However, what we liked most, from Rome to the sea, something that made us dream of getting back before even leaving, in a sort of "I already miss you though you're near me", was the contagious relaxation floating everywhere. Days started with prosecco and concluded with amarone. An ease that we not only want to find again, but also share at Sax.

So on Saturday, dolce far niente and Italian wines in an Italian style tasting. With effervescence, stories and our charming host Samuel Ţăgşorean.

We will drink:

Masottina Prosecco Treviso Doc 
Tenuta Sant' Antonio Fontana Soave (white, 2014)
Tenuta Sant' Antonio Scaia Garganega-Chardonnay (white, 2015)
Luigi Righetti Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore (red, 2012)
Tenuta Sant' Antonio Amarone Antonio Castagneti (red, 2013)

The price is 55 lei and includes the wines and the water. Seats are limited. Please confirm your attendance by leaving a private message on our Facebook page or by phoning to 0736 095 750.

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Saturday, September 10, from 8:30 pm


She is beautiful, he is charmimg.

She won the Montreux International Vocal Jazz Competition, he's one of the most talented guitarists of Romanian origin.

And when they sing, their chemistry is fantastic. And they will sing for us on Saturday. For more details:


Saturday, May 28, from 8:30 pm


Let's taste Moldovan wines. Introduced by the one and only Lilia Dulgher, beautiful , distinguished and full of personality owner of Gitana Winery, a trending winery from Moldova, making more impressive wines every year. For more details:


Wednesday, May 11, from 7:30 pm