Sax with friends is the project of a group of friends gathered in an association promoting art. Our challenge is to prove that art does not only belong in a museum or an exhibition space, conventionally displayed, but that, on the contrary, and in particular, can be part of our lives and thus can be brought to life. So we mixed art and daily life. An escape from the routine, a place for dialogue with both the works and our friends, where we are not mere spectators, but part of the experience, proving that art can be a part of our lives, just like our lover, friends, music, wine and thus embellish it like nothing else.


What to expect when you come at SAX:
• Works of art (painting, sculpture, installation, fashion design, designer jewelry and others, in permanent and temporary exhibitions).
• Wines, many wines and the most special delicacies that we found, locally crafted or discovered in our trips around the world.
• Jazz. Blues. Funk. Often live.
• Friendly people. We do not want artificial relations and a fake resonance, nor believe that we can all be friends, certainly not overnight. But we do want a warm atmosphere, without arrogance and stubbornness, with serene and nice people.
• To be spoiled.


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